Elbrus FstF is 13 yo. gelding by Woland han. He is doing all Grand Prix movements and could be very good schoolmaster.

He has very good gaits,correct conformation and very friendly personality.He is super safe for hacking and apart from a minor injury he was never ill. Elbrus is ha horse with great elaticity and suspension making sitting on him a real pleasure.He is especially talented for piaf and passage and could be ridden in snaffle and double bridle.He was not competing because we are breeding stable and he was just kept as a schoolmaster but he is calm and brave so no vices for sport.

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2 thoughts on “Elbrus FStF 13 yo. gelding by Woland han”

    1. He has some strain in left hind right fetlock jont but was checked in x-ray and there is nothing bad now so it was jus unlucky accident that happens.He has spavin visible in x-ray but no lameness because of it.You can look at horse in Poland,it is 20-25 k euro

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